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Testimonial from Lucinda Cross-Otiti

testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti


What is THE STRUGGLE for you?

As an author and speaker, I have had my own unique struggles with defining my tribe, choosing my niche, and understanding how to stay engaged with them over time. Will you share yours?

My latest research from my recent surveys has shown that most authors and speakers need web marketing support.

What is your main struggle in staying connected with your audience?

About Me

My Beliefs

I believe that in a world primarily run by glamorous extroverts, introverts who prefer to hide in the shadows need support with making bigger impact in the world.

I know that because I am a true introvert, I am uniquely equipped with empathy that is combined with my more than 10 years of serving authors and speakers.

I have been so blessed to help with writing, editing, research, publishing, podcasting, creating and maintaining websites, and more. (See LinkedIn for Full Skill Sets List.)

I would be delighted to serve you in a similar way, but in a customized way that fits your specific needs and help remove that struggle as an obstacle to your authoring and speaking business.

How Can I End The Struggle?

Keep Learning.

Check out previous blog articles about personal growth and professional transformation. Recommended Reading: Value of Vulnerability in Leadership

Connect to Community.

I am part of a tribe of like-minded leaders. How about you? Do you have one already, but are not engaging with them enough? If so, start plugging in with them. If not, you can start by connecting with me.

Stay Grateful.

Always remember that even in the midst of struggle, you can see that light at the end. You can OUTLAST THE STRUGGLE. Start with gratefulness because of your faith that there is an end for this. Read “My Promise” article to see what I said on this topic.


What Someone Awesome Says About Me…

“Working with Donna in executing my tour was a great experience… supported me in creating strategy that can be duplicated. I highly recommend Donna as a consultant and trusted advisor.”

Lucinda Cross-Otiti, CEO of Activate Worldwide

Connect with Donna’s Testimonial page to See More Recommendations from Her Clients & Colleagues.

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Want to Connect with Donna?

My goal right now is to connect with like-minded authors and speakers. Is that you?

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