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Donna Marie Johnson

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Testimonial from Lucinda Cross-Otiti

testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for participating in my surveys and research interviews. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those of you who are truly “feeling me” or resonating with me, I am here for you. I am here to encourage and support you, especially Christian Women who are authors and speakers. The best way for me to support you is for me to understand you, your goals and your needs better. This is why I am conducting ongoing research via surveys and interview calls.

If you want to help me serve authors and speakers better, please take my survey at (old survey closed)

NEW SURVEY – click here to participate and claim a complimentary gift* at the end

“I believe I am a queen in God’s kingdom and a selfless servant like Jesus. A queen impacts the world as a selfless servant and part of a community of sister queens, starting with her own family first, like how Ruth loyally served and supported Naomi.”

~ Manifesto Part 1 by Donna Marie Johnson


* I surveyed and interviewed mostly Christian Women Leaders who are authors and speakers.

* Most do not understand the metrics/numbers for their audiences.

* Most want to grow their audiences.

There are other questions that I asked during interviews where I cannot share the answers publicly. I will summarize by saying that my Sister Queens have surprised and blessed me with their diversity and with their passion to continue serving and supporting their audiences and clients. One of the most common questions they had for me were qualifiers around whether or not other types of writers besides book writers should take the survey, and I said yes. Also, most of those who do training or teaching as part of their job at work did consider themselves as speakers, although that term is also a little ambiguous or confusing, at times.


Check out testimonials from clients and colleagues who have worked with me in the past.

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Donna Marie Johnson over the past several years on several projects. Donna has offered her expertise and contributed to my education blog and podcast for business women. She is knowledgeable, patient, and thorough, and her expertise shines through every time! Donna was fun to interview and offered my audience valuable insights that prove beneficial in their business endeavors.”

~ Demetria Zinga, Web Designer, Content Marketing Strategist, Teacher


I look forward to continuing to more effectively listen to and learn from my Sister Queens so I can continue supporting them better over time. Here are some of the ways I support them:

  • I have been holding free spring/summer seminar events locally in Atlanta with co-sponsorship from Fayette Public Library and other partners since 2014 called “Lead Like A Queen”.
  • In spring/summer of 2020, I held these free seminar events online because all public venues were shut down.
  • I provide consulting services including, but not limited to:
    • market research (understand your audience metrics better)
    • leadership strengths development (foundation for connecting with audience better)
    • other services customized to your specific needs (i.e., we edited and published a book to Kindle for Author/Life Coach Dee Salley)

What can I do to serve you better?

If you want to chat with me briefly to share your goals and needs, send me a text to request an appointment. Since it is back to school time for me as a graduate student and for my family of 2 teens and one young adult going to college, I have to be more flexible with my scheduling. After I hear from you, I will text you back with a proposed time for a brief 10-15 minute phone chat. After you share your goals and needs, I will give you a specific recommended service and price quote based on your goals and immediate needs.

~ Donna Marie Johnson, Founder of Lead Like A Queen | Mobile Number: +1(678)861-8121

*Note: The free gift at the end of the survey is my interactive strengths journal. Learn more about it by clicking here to see my previous post about it.