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Testimonial from Lucinda Cross-Otiti

testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti

Ideally, using your voice to speak up as a selfless servant may sound pretty easy. However, some people just make it look easy. Here is an excerpt of an article I recently wrote about this topic.

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How Do Public Speakers Make It Look So Easy to Use Your Voice?” (excerpt)

  • 1. Speaking Veterans Make It Look Easy (or Scary)
  • 2. Hidden Magic Behind the Scenes
  • 3. Support for Speaker’s Weak Areas

#1 Speaking Veterans Make It Look Easy (or Scary)

Sometimes the most effective speakers, such as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., make it look so easy that even children, like me as a high school speech team contestant, memorize and recite their speeches at school events and competitions. However, those who are not the smoothest speakers can make it look pretty scary, like former Vice President Joe Biden, who has frequently apologized for gaffes during public appearances on television and at events.

And, most recently during the global pandemic crisis, famous people are now looking more like “normal” people because they do not have their glamour squads at home. So, when some of us see them on tv or online, we may feel like they are more relatable. I don’t know about you, but for me this pandemic time has boosted my self-esteem a bit because many of those people are gray, just like me, and are not wearing makeup, just like me (watch my video above).

[SIDE NOTE:] My friend, Dr. Cheryl Wood @cherylwoodempowers, is a fantastic supporter of speakers. If you missed her during our COVID EMERGE webinar event series, make sure you register for the final event on 6/7 at 2pm EST or join our mailing list to hear the replay.

~ Donna Marie Johnson

As you strive to speak up and use your voice more, you must develop realistic expectations and set yourself so that you do not allow fear to hold you back. How? Building your support system as a speaker is key so that you can have a foundation and build up momentum to keep your speaking career moving forward.

[To read the full article for points 2 & 3, see my linkedin profile.]

How Our Team Supports Your Voice

Our team provides support to authors, speakers, coaches, trainers, and consultants. We provide services to help you with research, writing, editing, proofreading, and more.

The More = Helping You Pivot to Online Events

We also recognize that the new normal for speakers worldwide is virtual speaking events, mostly via the Zoom platform. So, we are also equipped and experienced with supporting online speakers in the areas of:

  • online event creation
  • online event production
  • online event marketing
  • online event management

Over 10 Years of History Supporting Speakers

I am the founder of the Lead Like A Queen movement (since 2012) and a former co-founder of an organization for work-at-home moms (WAHMsWIN). Since 2010, I have been hosting and producing online events, including by both audio and video. Locally and online, I have been creating, organizing, managing, and marketing events.

I recognize the value of my voice and have been using it for years to influence local leaders and leaders I have been meeting online. Finally, and most importantly, I have been successful with researching, networking, and developing trusting relationships with leaders who have joined me as co-sponsors (i.e., the Fayette County Public Library, Club E co-working organization) and also who have joined me as speakers and guest panelists.

Recommended by Leaders Nationwide

Donna Marie Johnson, @leadlikeaqueen
Donna Marie Johnson @leadlikeaqueen


Please read my recommendations at to see the type of reputation that I have built with leaders from all over the nation. One of my joint ventures was with a well known author and media personality from New York who said the following about me.

Working with Donna in executing my tour was a great experience she opened up additional levels of exposure and has put strategies in place for more visibility for y mission and my brand. Her patience and persistence supported me in creating a strategic process and strategy that can be duplicated throughout the rest of my scheduled tour dates in other cities. I highly recommend Donna as a consultant and trusted advisor for executing your projects and expanding your brand visibility.”

~ Lucinda Cross-Otiti, President at Activate WorldWide LLC and Founder of Activate Your Life

Get Acquainted & Learn More

The most effective way to connect with me is by using the scheduling calendar on my services page at this link:, but you can also use LinkedIn to connect with me or reach me via my contact information in my profile.

Your voicemails and text messages are welcome at 678-861-8121, however, the fastest way to get on my calendar is to use the services link provided above.

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