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Donna Marie Johnson

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Testimonial from Lucinda Cross-Otiti

testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti

COMPLIMENTARY EVENT UPDATE: In April and May, you can join us for the Lead Like A Queen 2020 virtual event series. Seats are limited so learn more and register ASAP at


The irony of current global events is humorous and sad at the same time. I recently asked my audience to express interest by contacting me if they want to participate in online seminars, in addition to the in person seminars that I have previously hosted at local libraries. My hand is now forced towards online seminars, for now, because most public venues are now closed for several weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak in America and abroad.

Online networking is a wonderful thing for small businesses who are already adept at it. However, for those who are “techno-phobes” or just “techno-ignorant”, they are now forced to go through a learning curve to provide online networking for their support groups, work team groups, online services, and retail sales.

I have great news for those of you who want or need help bridging the gap across that technology learning curve, I am opening up availability to assist you in a small group setting. I am working on a schedule of small groups by phone and/or video chat. I just need you to reach out and let me know your availability.

Just click the contact link on my blog or CALL/TEXT _+1(678)203-8789_

…and fill out the contact form with all of your information and a comment about your 3 best days and times to attend a small group session. Expect a reply from me within 3 business days. After you receive my reply message, register for the small group session that you want to attend. Before the session starts, I will send instructions on how to connect with the small group by phone and/or video to everyone who pre-registered.

What To Expect*

  • *Initial free first small group seminar meeting to help me learn what help each group member needs
  • *Help and practice with using online seminar tools for voice and video chat
  • *Transparent pricing for ongoing seminars so you can determine how to best fit this training into your training budget for your small business
  • *A customized seminar tailored to meet the needs of your specific small group’s members
  • *A customized schedule that fits all group member needs for in person attendance and for replay after the seminar

How can you help me if I don’t have time to learn this stuff?

If you are not already familiar with me, Donna Marie Johnson, check out my LinkedIn profile or other social media, and plan to attend the initial free small group seminar so that you can learn more and ask questions.

Donna Marie Johnson, Small Business Leadership Consultant

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