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Testimonial from Lucinda Cross-Otiti

testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti

2020 COMPLIMENTARY EVENT UPDATE: The complimentary webinar series for 2020 is now replacing the previous years’ local events at the libraries because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more and register, click here asap (seats are limited).

To those of you who are paying attention to the Lead Like A Queen blog and local events, thank you for your patience as I went through an important transition with my family. We are now relocated to the Newnan, Georgia community in Coweta County, after living in College Park, GA in South Fulton County for many years. So far so good, we really like it here.

In 2019, I was blessed to have the co-sponsorship of the Fayette County Public Library for the Lead Like A Queen events series. You can learn more about past events and the topics discussed by exploring this blog. The most recent event was in the summer of 2019 [click here to read summary].

Benefits of Events Revealed

The most important take away that I got from our last event was that small business leaders who are just starting or restarting want free and affordable events to attend in person where they can connect with more experienced entrepreneurs in a safe, moderated setting. They want to glean wisdom from their peers’ sharing and use it to help themselves improve as leaders in their own small businesses.

They have good, specific questions to ask, some of which can be answered in this type of free seminar setting, and some of which requires more skilled, focused support. So, providing this type of introductory event can be a gateway for facilitating important supportive relationships between entrepreneurs that help them keep growing over time.

Another important take away that I got from surveys about past events is that there is a demand for an online version of these events. In the past, I did not design these sessions as online seminars/webinars because I wanted small business leaders, who are often working from home and isolated, to get the benefit of in-person connections with other small business leaders. However, in the face of current changes and challenges in our local communities, I am planning to offer an online version of the Lead Like A Queen Events.

Upcoming Events for 2020

If you would like to attend future events, either online or in person, and want to develop relationships with other local entrepreneurs:

~ Donna Marie Johnson @leadlikeaqueen
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