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Testimonial from Lucinda Cross-Otiti

testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti

The Fayette County Public Library co-hosted our summer seminar as the second of two Lead Like A Queen leadership development events in their small meeting room. We had 11 very engaged attendees which made this an awesome event, with some of them asking me to do this type of event again.

See photos and videos on instagram. Connect with @LeadLikeAQueen
See photos and videos on instagram. Connect with @LeadLikeAQueen

Our topic for the 6/4 event last night was…

“How Well Are You Focusing as a Small Business Leader?”

Thank you, again, to the Fayette County Public Library for co-hosting our summer seminar in the Lead Like A Queen leadership development event series.

~ Donna Marie Johnson @leadlikeaqueen

Brief Summary of Discussion

  • We discussed our completed basic focus assessments to see which areas we are strong or weak in.
  • We heard from our interview guest, Magaline Harvey, about her journey as a small business owner and what helps her develop and maintain a strong focus as a small business leader.
  • We answered audience questions to address topics including:
    • how to follow-through on a project/task and see it completed successfully;
    • how to prevent burnout; and
    • how to find a mentor/coach


How Did Assessment Help Val?

One of the audience members, Valerie Anderson, stated that the assessment helped her to think about WHY she has been allowing too many distractions to interrupt her morning routine while she’s completing important high-priority tasks: fear of missing out (aka FOMO). But the assessment and the discussion helped her to remember wisdom she’s heard in the past and realize that other people’s remote urgencies are totally out of her control anyway, so those notifications can wait for her to look at them later at a designated time where the interruptions won’t affect her most important priorities.

Basic Assessment Helped Attendees to See Strengths and Weaknesses and Engage in Discussion for Answers on How to Improve on Strengths and Eliminate Weaknesses

What Can YOU Do Differently?

If you can relate to Val’s testimony, please turn off notifications for 30 minutes to an hour while working on an important task, such as writing a blog article to attract new customers or creating a new product to sell in your store. Other people can wait for 30 minutes. It won’t kill them

…but those highly focused 30 minutes can make a world of difference for you as a small business leader.

[Side note... in the middle of writing this, my email popped up and interrupted me. I have to figure out how to turn that off! LOL!]
Watch and hear a bit more detail from Donna Marie Johnson about the event and an important main point to help you stay super focused.

Want a Copy of Assessment Form?


If you wanted to come to this event and are disappointed that you missed it, join my newsletter email list (click here) so that I can send you a more detailed summary of our discussion, including a copy of the assessment form that we all completed at the start of the event.


NOTE: The assessment is basic and not comprehensive. It doesn’t cover every area that small business leaders need to address, but it gives you a good start. If you’d like a more in-depth comprehensive assessment, schedule a free 15 minute call (click here) to learn more about the Lead Like A Queen Small Business Impact Assessment.


This more in-depth assessment is based off of my book “Small Biz Big Impact, But How?: How Conscious Selfless Servants Impact the World”, available for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. To see the book preview on the blog, click here.

Donna Marie Johnson, Small Business Leadership Coach @leadlikeaqueen
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